Great Replacement for the Dorm

My father had to find New Haven apartments for rent due to the fact that I got kicked out of my on campus dormitory. The situation that led to the expulsion from the dormitory actually wasn’t my fault. Thank goodness for that because otherwise my father wouldn’t be helping me to find other accommodations. The reason I got kicked out was due to my roommate who was involved in some rather shady activities that the school didn’t approve. I think my father pulled some strings to make sure I wasn’t suspended from school because they did show my friend the door.

Anyway, I needed to a place to live so I could continue my studies. Dad found a luxury apartment complex in town that wasn’t too far away from school. It’s a pretty nice place to live. Lots of other students live there as well. The amenities are pretty nice, too. You’ve got a study area that’s pretty full even well into the night, a billiards table, and a fitness studio for those who enjoy doing their yoga routines. Personally, I enjoy outdoor areas where you can sit and watch people walk their dogs or eat in the dining area in the courtyard.

Dad set me up in a pretty nice apartment, and I’m thankful for it. This whole situation could have gone in an entirely different situation. Instead of living in a beautiful apartment surrounded by friendly and bright fellow students, I could be back home living in the basement and trying to get into the state university. I’m trying to fly right and keep my head down, and I think this apartment complex is just the right thing for me. I’m inspired to work hard due to my fellow students who live here and who are willing to study with me. It’s a great deal.